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Climate Security is National Security

Climate Security is National Security

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Everything you need to know about climate change and how it threatens national security: 

1. Climate Science is Clear: the Earth is Warming 

Scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. And no security professional would wait until they had 100% certainty before acting to mitigate a threat

2. Climate Change Threatens Global Security

It will act as an “Accelerant of Instability” or a “Threat Multiplier” that makes already existing problems worse

3. Climate Change Threatens U.S. Homeland Security

America’s infrastructure, food production, transportation network, and American lives are at risk

4. The Military is Preparing for Climate Change

The U.S. military is working with allies, studying potential threats, ensuring resilience to extreme weather, and preparing to deploy when needed

5. Climate Change Will Threaten Military Bases Around the World

Rising seas and increased extreme weather will harm readiness and increase costs

6. To Reduce Threats, We Must Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To reduce climate risk, the U.S. government, and governments around the world, must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

7. Climate Security is a National Issue

The American Security Project has discussed the threats of climate change with audiences around the nation. 


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