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National Climate Security Tour

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The American Security Project hosts a series of public events across the country that featuring retired military officials and political leaders from our “Consensus for American Security” speaking about the threats of climate change to national security. The Consensus is made up of influential military and national security leaders who advocate for long-term consensus around national security issues facing the U.S.

These events include meeting with veteran groups, religious and evangelical groups, and young conservative organizations. The speakers talk about security planning and war fighting, not about polar bears or ecosystems. This is a grassroots effort to build a consensus among Americans around the country from left to right, and especially among the non-political, that climate change is not simply a low-priority ‘green’ issue: it is a pressing national security threat, and should be treated as such.

Where have we been?

Las Vegas, Nevada – June 2014

Florida – Nov 2014

Arizona – April 2015

South Carolina – November 2015

Nevada – April 2017

Alaska – October 2017

Arizona – November 2017

Maine – April 2018

Charlotte, NC – May 2018

Ohio – September 2018

Seattle, Washington – March 2019

Phoenix, Arizona – November 2019

Las Cruces, New Mexico – February 2020

Northwest Florida – April 2021

Tampa, Florida – May 2021


The intent of these events is to show that the climate we live in influences every aspect of everyday life – what you eat, where you live, how you make your living. Changes to that climate will have a direct impact on every one of us. The key points are:

Climate Science is Clear: the Earth is Warming

Scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. And no security professional would wait until they had 100% certainty before acting to mitigate a threat

Climate Change Threatens Global Security

It will act as an “Accelerant of Instability” or a “Threat Multiplier” that makes already existing problems worse

Climate Change Threatens U.S. Homeland Security

America’s infrastructure, food production, transportation network, and American lives are at risk

The Military is Preparing for Climate Change

The U.S. military is working with allies, studying potential threats, ensuring resilience to extreme weather, and preparing to deploy when needed

Climate Change Will Threaten Military Bases Around the World

Rising seas and increased extreme weather will harm readiness and increase costs

To Mitigate Threats, We Must Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To reduce climate risk, the U.S. government, and governments around the world, must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Selected Press Reports 

MacDill Air Force Base’s Security is Threatened by Climate Change

Climate Change in Florida is a Threat to National Security

Gov. Jay Inslee headlines panel on climate change and national security

USS Battleship North Carolina Continues to Battle Mother Nature

The global threat of climate change and its effect on our local military

Michael Douglas: General worries about the planet

Effects of climate change may spark uproar overseas, endangering U.S. national security

Retired general: Climate change is a national security threat, including in the Carolinas

Retired Vice Admiral Says Climate Change Is Already Threatening National Security

Instability, Uncertainty and Chaos’ — How Climate Change Threatens National Security

Retired Marine General Sees Climate Change as National Security Threat

Retired Navy admiral brings climate change talks to the Midstate

The military can fight climate change

Climate Change Is A National Security Issue, Says The Military

Military experts tie climate change to security threat in talk at LSU

We want you to join the fight against climate change

Chicago Tonight: Climate Change and National Security

If military sees climate risk, why do we deny?

Climate Change is Presented as a National Security Threat

Essential Pittsburgh with Paul Guggenheimer


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