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National Climate Security Tour

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The American Security Project is proud to conduct its flagship program, the National Climate Security Tour. While each NCST event is tailored to the unique needs, threats, and requirements of each state/region, NCST events are typically comprised of both public panel discussions and private events focused on the nexus of climate change and security. Over the past nine years, ASP has hosted more than 50 NCST events in 22 states, and partnered with universities, private industry, and individual military installations to promote climate security as a critical national security issue. NCST events feature retired flag officers, Consensus for American Security members, senior government officials, and influential thought leaders to dive deeper into climate security challenges, promote dialogue, and identify areas for collaboration in the fight against the ultimate threat multiplier.

NCST participants recognize the complex and compounding challenges that individuals and communities face from climate change. From an increase in severe weather and extreme weather events, to routine flooding and sea-level rise, the consequences of climate for our national security are layered and broad. NCST brings together community stakeholders, elected officials, industry leaders, and subject matter experts to facilitate discussion, explore the connections between climate change and national security, and identify potential areas for collaboration in the fight against climate change.

Want to find out more information about past NCST events in your state? Click the links below to find out more about specific events and partners.

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Interested in learning more about NCST or co-sponsoring an event? Contact us at feedback@americansecurityproject.org