Climate Security in Focus

Climate Security in Focus is a blog series dedicated to exploring key elements of climate security that impact American interests both at home and abroad. The series aims to examine specific aspects of climate security issues in order to better understand climate policy challenges, facilitate conversation, and generate ideas.

Perspective – Enabling Factors for Achieving U.S. Army Microgrid Goals

The U.S. Army has more than 130 installations worldwide and has a stated goal of operating a microgrid on all Army installations by 2035. With only 25 microgrid projects scoped and planned through 2024, the speed and intensity of microgrid research, deployment, and funding are critical for achieving microgrid goals and energy resilience. To better understand the nature of the microgrid requirement, ASP explored existing guidance, key research challenges, and other enabling factors which impact the Army’s ability to achieve its microgrid goals.  …Read more

Tampa’s Climate Action and Equity Plan

The Tampa Bay area plays a key role for our national security and our military. Specifically, the greater Tampa area is home to MacDill Air Force Base, where U.S. Central Command (USCENTOM), U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), and the 6th Air Refueling Wing reside. As such, what happens in Tampa and Florida writ large can directly impact our military’s capability and readiness.  …Read more

Farm Bill 2023: Will There Be an Agrarian Revolution?

The 2023 Farm Bill stands poised to redefine the fabric of the U.S.’s farmlands, foodscape, and their relationship with the natural environment. It can completely transform the agricultural landscape and promises to change how food is grown, distributed, consumed, and addresses environmental concerns. But given the polarized political climate in Congress, there is skepticism that Congress will be able to reach an agreement by the September 30 deadline. …Read more