Climate Security in Focus

Climate Security in Focus is a blog series dedicated to exploring key elements of climate security that impact American interests both at home and abroad. The series aims to examine specific aspects of climate security issues in order to better understand climate policy challenges, facilitate conversation, and generate ideas.

Farming Out of the Climate Crisis

American agriculture is at a crossroads. Just 1 percent of Americans are farmers but the sector produces 11 percent of the country’s emissions. Researchers are developing technologies and farming practices that can help minimize the climate impact of farming, and even turn farms into net carbon sinks. But federal support will be essential to getting these innovations through the farm gate, and to ensuring that changes are sustained over the long term. …Read more

Briefing Note – Innovating Out of the Climate Crisis: Agricultural Technology

Few industries are more attuned to—and dependent on—the weather than farming. In the coming decades, climate change will make farmers’ jobs more difficult than ever, as rising temperatures, unpredictable rainfall, and spreading pests all take their toll on production. But agriculture is not a neutral actor: emissions from the sector account for more than 10 percent of the U.S. total, only marginally less than those from all commercial businesses and residences. And with Farm Bill negotiations about to start in earnest, its important to explore how innovation in agriculture—including advances in biotech, animal husbandry, soil and nutrient management, and more—can help agriculture adapt to climate change and reduce emissions.  …Read more