Fake News, Real Consequences

Russia is cracking down on cybersecurity and the internal control of information. The questions for the United States revolve around how this will affect its own cybersecurity, its ability to reach the Russian people via online channels, and the future success of hypothetical offensive cyber operations.Read more...

Press Coverage of ASP’s Seattle Event: Climate Change and National Security

ASP CEO General Stephen Cheney has been featured in several articles discussing the national security risks exacerbated by climate change at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies in Seattle. He discussed the national security implications of climate-induced migration and the economic and social instability that results from displacement.Read more...

The INF Pullout will not Improve the US’s Ability to Counter China

The additional nuclear freedom granted by the withdrawal from the INF will have minimal operational benefit for the US, because there is nowhere to deploy ground-based INF-range missiles where it would be both politically and operationally viable.  To better understand the reasons why placing ground-based INF-range missiles to counter China isn’t feasible, it is useful to examine some of the possible locations. Read more...

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