To Balance Against a Rising China: Strengthen ties with India

Vice President Mike Pence’s speech last Thursday underscores the deep concern that the United Sates harbors over China’s human rights violations, military buildup, and trade practices. The U.S.’s concerns are likely to only worsen as China continues to economically develop. In order to balance against the rising threat that China poses, the U.S. should continue its efforts to warm relations with India.Read more...

U.S Troops: The Backbone of Peace and Stability on the Korean Peninsula

U.S. forces in South Korea deter a potential North Korean attack, strengthen the U.S. alliance with South Korea, and provide a counter balance to a rising China. As their presence serves vital national security interests, their full withdrawal should not be included in any nuclear deal with North Korea. Read more...

Event Recap: Protecting the Homeland – The Rising Costs of Inaction on Climate Change

The American Security Project held a number of events throughout Northeast Ohio as the final stop in this year’s climate security tour. As part of the trip, ASP’s CEO Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, USMC (Ret) spoke to audiences in both Akron and Cleveland, Ohio on the national security threats of climate change. Read more...

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