Business Council for American Security

The Business Council for American Security (BCAS) is an exclusive gathering of leading firms across industry aligned in their support of a broad definition of American national security for the 21st century. These leaders believe in a vision of American security that extends beyond bombs and bullets. In its inaugural year, BCAS members who join at the 3-star level will enjoy the rich member benefits of the 4-star membership tier.

BCAS members benefit from ASP’s convening power. The Council offers the opportunity to build substantive partnerships among business leaders and provides a platform for exchange, dialogue, and networking. Participation enables members to engage in important national security discussions, and as a result, BCAS members are better equipped to navigate a changing global landscape.

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Dante Disparte
Dante Disparte

Chairman of the Business Council for American Security Dante Disparte is the founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative, a strategy, risk and capital management firm focusing on mid-market opportunities, market expansion and equity investments on a global scale. He is the co-author of the forthcoming book “Global Risk Agility and Decision Making” (Macmillan, Q2/2016). Prior to forming Risk Cooperative, Mr. Disparte served as the Managing Director of Cle... More