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Business Council for American Security

The Business Council for American Security (BCAS) is an exclusive gathering of leading firms across industry aligned in their support of a broad definition of American national security for the 21st century. These leaders believe in a vision of American security that extends beyond bombs and bullets. In its inaugural year, BCAS members who join at the 3-star level will enjoy the rich member benefits of the 4-star membership tier.

BCAS members benefit from ASP’s convening power. The Council offers the opportunity to build substantive partnerships among business leaders and provides a platform for exchange, dialogue, and networking. Participation enables members to engage in important national security discussions, and as a result, BCAS members are better equipped to navigate a changing global landscape.

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Dante Disparte
Dante Disparte

Chairman of the Business Council for American Security Dante Disparte is the Executive Vice President of the Diem Association, leading public policy, communications, membership and social impact. He serves on the executive committee of the Association, which is a newly-formed organization that has brought together social impact organizations and a diverse group of leading businesses to create a low-friction, high-trust payment system that empowers pe... More