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Energy Security

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How the United States uses and produces energy is a national security issue

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Energy security is a function of predictable price and availability. For the United States, energy security comes from global markets, plentiful domestic supplies, and variety.

Energy becomes a national security and foreign policy issue when energy insecurity affects a country's governing policies are affected by how it uses and imports energy.

‘Energy security’ is not ‘energy independence’ in the sense that all of the energy used in a country must comes from within its own  borders without international trade. This is neither obtainable nor desirable in a globalized world. Energy security does not depend on the percentage of supply that is imported. In a world of globally traded commodities, it is no longer possible to be truly energy independent: even domestically produced energy sources are subject to fluctuations in global commodity markets.

Over the last decade, the United States has experienced an Energy Revolution, which has allowed it to increasingly use energy as a tool of statecraft. While the United States does not have an "Energy Weapon," American policy can blunt the weapons that other countries think they have built.

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