Security Implications of Biden's Plan for Climate Change

On the campaign trail, President-Elect Joe Biden proposed a $2 trillion plan to tackle climate change, going further than any previous administration. If implemented in full, Biden's plan may have important national security implications, involving energy security, military infrastructure, and international cooperation.Read more...

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the World: How a Territory Dispute in the Caucasus Implicates International Security

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is primed for broad geopolitical participation due to its unique position for delivering energy, and the defensive alliances that support each state. Should the regional powerbrokers fail in their diplomatic approaches, a full-scale war on the edge of Europe promises a multi-state conflict.Read more...

Potential Energy: Exploring China-Saudi Arabia Nuclear Cooperation

Continued China-Saudi Arabia collaboration raises questions of not merely the existence or potential lethality of a Saudi nuclear weapons program, but larger implications for the future of the Middle East, U.S.-Iran nuclear relations, and U.S.-China relations as tensions in the Gulf rise to a new fever pitch. Read more...

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