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US-Russia Relationship

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With the 2022 invasion of Ukraine, Russia's actions have driven its relationship with United States to a new post-Cold War low. While the United States has played a major role in supporting Ukraine's defense and uniting much of the world against Russia's invasion, U.S. strategy around Russia will need to be forward looking and oriented to a post-Putin era that doesn't repeat the mistakes of the post-Soviet period. Russia's hostile actions and malign behavior have positioned it as a revanchist adversary of the U.S., but the challenges of the modern world will still require some cooperation. America needs a new plan to steer relations with Russia towards the right course. A comprehensive and effective strategy will compel Russia to leave Ukraine, deter future aggression, decrease the risk of nuclear and military confrontation, and work to build closer ties between the people of Russia and the United States. Read More >>
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