Factsheet - U.S. Oil Dependence: More Drilling Doesn't Make the U.S. More Energy Secure

Energy security is vital for the readiness of U.S. troops around the globe. The U.S. relies on oil for the majority of both civilian and military transportation. The changing price of a barrel of oil can have profound impacts on the budget of communities and the Department of Defense. The U.S. remains beholden to the pricing of oil by foreign nations, some with hostile attitudes towards the U.S. Due to the global nature of oil markets, further oil production in the U.S. does not alleviate that dependency. Only by investing in increasing fuel economy and alternative energy will the U.S. be energy secure.Read more...

Factsheet: Clean Energy Innovations

Technological innovation is critical for retaining U.S. military superiority and security. The current system of fueling our military installations and forces is outdated and vulnerable to disruption, putting our troops at risk. Greater efficiency and alternative fuels allow troops to operate longer undetected in hostile environments, potentially saving lives.Read more...

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