National Climate Security Tour

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Climate Security ReportThe American Security Project (ASP) is undertaking a grassroots effort to build a consensus among Americans around the country from left to right, and especially among the non-political, that climate change is not simply a low-priority ‘green’ issue: it is a pressing national security threat, and should be treated as such.

Check out the global security impacts of climate change on our interactive map

We will be visiting numerous states and counties all over the United States, keep up-to-date with our progress and the latest national security and climate change news by signing up here:


Where have we been?

Pittsburgh – February 2014

San Francisco – February 2014

Tennessee – April 2014

Capitol Hill – April 2014

 Chicago – April 2014

Dallas, Texas – June 2014

San Antonio, Texas – June 2014

Las Vegas – June 2014

Indiana – Oct 2014

Florida – Nov 2014

Louisiana – March 2015

Arizona – April 2015

Colorado – September 2015

South Carolina – November 2015

Washington DC – November 2015

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The climate we live in influences every aspect of everyday life – what you eat, where you live, how you make your living. Changes to that climate will have a direct impact on every one of us.

At home, extreme weather presents a direct risk to U.S. homeland security by threatening energy, infrastructure, food production, and human lives.

Around the world, climate change will affect how American forces interact with allies and enemies.

It will increase the demands on U.S. military personnel: we will see more humanitarian interventions, more peacekeeping, and there will be more conflicts to be drawn into. Resources spent on protecting U.S. interests at home and around the world from the threats of climate change are resources we cannot spend on other urgent needs, whether military or civilian.

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