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Global Military Leaders Call for Action on Climate along with COP 21

Global Military Leaders Call for Action on Climate along with COP 21

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Munir GMACCCOn Monday, 7 December 2015, in Paris, a group of military leaders from around the world launched the “GMACCC Call for Action 2015” at COP 21. The Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC) members emphasized the need to adapt to climate stress, with the military as a key contributor to climate preparedness.

The call focused on the threats of climate change towards the national security in many aspects such as economy, human mobility, and vulnerable impacts on state stability.

The GMACCC is calling for:

  1. A successful outcome at COP 21 Paris, with binding and measurable follow up by Member States;
  2. Reductions in fossil fuel subsidies to contribute to the funding of a carbon-free economy;
  3. Establishment of a UN work programme that integrates Conventions relevant to climate change and establishes a role of the military within the wider security community in planning for and responding to climate-related impacts to human security;
  4. Further study on the relationship between climate change, mass migration and terrorism, as well as effective identification of states at risk from climate induced fragility and conflict;
  5. Construction of frameworks and mechanisms, based on scientific expertise and satellite technology, for predictable impacts and consequences of climate change. Disseminate identifiable concerns globally in understandable formats

Climate change presents problems for global security, and the military and wider community has seen the impacts on human security. ASP’s CEO Gen Cheney is a member oGMACCC 2015f GMACCC. See more about his statements on climate change is a national and global security threat. 

ASP has hosted Gen. Muniruzziman, Chair of GMACCC, for events here in our office to talk about the issue of climate change.

ASP spoke with General Muniruzziman at an ASP-hosted event on “The Global Security defense Index on Climate Change” that talked about climate security.