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Start-Ups Aim to Achieve Fusion Energy

Start-Ups Aim to Achieve Fusion Energy

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The New York Times ran an article discussing the role of start-up in researching nuclear fusion, which provides a tremendous amount of clean energy with no negative emissions.

ASP BCAS member General Fusion’s work on magnetized target fusion using lead and lithium was the subject of much of the article’s focus.

General Fusion is pursuing an approach that uses pistons to generate shock waves through the hydrogen gas. Compressed hard enough, the hydrogen atoms will begin to fuse. General Fusion has raised about $74 million from private investors and another $20 million from the Canadian government.


The article also looked at Tri Alpha‘s approach to fusion by using Boron-11 in its fuel and the success the company has had so far. It also discussed the investments by private individuals and the Department of Energy into companies like Helion Energy.


Fusion energy is the process that occurs in our own sun. It offers a tremendous source of energy with no harmful emissions. ASP realizes that such technology could solve our nation’s energy and climate change problems, effectively rendering it a national security imperative.


To read the full article, click here.

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