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Fusion Fact Sheet

Fusion Fact Sheet

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The U.S. relies upon a range of energy sources to power its economy. However, the current mix presents significant national security risks – America’s dependence on fossil fuels saps the economy, contributes to climate change, and constricts our foreign policy.

In order to break this dependence on fossil fuels, America needs to invest in next-generation energy.

Read ASP’s Fusion White Paper here

Fusion energy holds the promise of providing a practically inexhaustible  source of energy. Fusion is clean, safe, secure and abundant, and when commercialized, it will completely revolutionize the global energy system.

But, what is fusion? ASP’s fact sheet, “What is Fusion Power?” provides clear answers on how fusion works, the main approaches to fusion, and the benefits of fully developing fusion power.



Fusion Fact Sheet 2013 by The American Security Project



  1. […] Fusion energy may be several years from plugging into the grid, but it promises clean, safe, secure, and abundant energy. The U.S. relies on several energy sources to fuel its economy, but many of these sources contribute to climate change and threaten our national security. Similarly, U.S. dependency on fossil fuels weakens the economy and constricts foreign policy. Through fusion energy, the U.S. will break free of the confines created by a fossil fuel dependent world. […]

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