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Fusion White Paper – 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security

Fusion White Paper – 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security

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ASP’s White Paper, “Fusion Power – A 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security” provides a detailed plan on how to accelerate the development of fusion power.

Why do we need fusion power?

The American economy depends on reliable, affordable sources of power. Over the next several decades, almost all of the power plants in the U.S. will need to be replaced, and America’s dependence on fossil fuels presents serious national security concerns – they sap our economy, exacerbate climate change, and constrict U.S. foreign policy.

Fusion energy can meet America’s energy needs. Energy from fusion is clean, safe, secure, and abundant. However, given current support for fusion, commercializing this power source remains decades away.

ASP’s report lays out an “Apollo Program” for fusion power that will lead to the demonstration of the scientific basis for fusion power within a decade.

To get there, the report provides several recommendations. For example, the President should appoint a Fusion Power Commissioner to organize, streamline and, lead on fusion power development, the Congress should immediately increase funding for fusion research, and scientists should begin working with the private sector.


Fusion White Paper 2014 – 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security


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