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PAST EVENT: Fusion Briefing for the House Research & Development Caucus

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On Wednesday 3 August 2011, the American Security Project in conjunction with the House Research & Development Caucus hosted a briefing– Fusion Energy: An Opportunity for American Leadership and Security.

The United States faces a series of challenges over the next few decades in energy use and production. That means policymakers need to make decisions soon.

This event showed that fusion is real and it is happening now.

For America to retain its leadership in this field and commercialize this technology – with all the major benefits that it would bring to Americans – political and economic will is required.

The well-attended event heard from Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ), co-chair of the House R&D caucus, Lt. Gen. Christman, Dr. Stewart Prager, Dr. Ed Moses, Dr. Laura Berzak, Brig. Gen. Steven Cheney, and Andrew Holland.

Lt. Gen. Christman, Senior Vice President at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, discussed the energy challenges and opportunities facing America. You can find his presentation here.

Dr. Laura Brezak gave a short presentation on the basics of fusion energy and benefits that fusion power would bring.  You can find her presentation here.

Dr. Stewart Prager, Director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, briefed the audience on the amazing advancements in magnetic fusion energy and the next steps needed to commercialization. You can find his presentation here.

Dr. Ed Moses, Principal Associate Director for the National Ignition Facility, presented the details of scientists’ incredible work on laser ignition fusion energy and how close they are to building a pilot fusion power plant (LIFE). You can find his presentation here.

You can find our more about fusion from our white paper and our accompanying factsheet.

The American Security Project also published its major white paper on America’s Energy Choices, on 2 August 2011. You can find details here.

Take our poll on what those choices should be here.

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