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Paul Hamill

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Expertise Communications Strategy, Communications Research and Analysis, National Security Communications Planning, Public Policy and Influence Campaigns Paul Hamill is the Director of External Affairs for the American Security Project (ASP), and a leading political and national security communications strategist. Paul has advised major clients on strategic narratives, communications planning, influence operations and approaches, political campaigning, media engagements, as well as detailed communications research and analysis. As Director of External Affairs for ASP, Paul develops and implements public policy campaigns on key national security issues. At ASP, Paul also works on national security strategy issues and information/influence campaign policies. Paul has provided advice to a number of high-level foreign policy officials regarding National Security Strategic Communications; these include officials within the NSC, DOD, CENTCOM, Congressional staff, and officials from a number of other countries. Prior History From 2008 to 2010, Paul Hamill was a Senior Vice President of Hill & Knowlton Government Services (HKGS), which led the agency’s work with the US Federal Government. Paul provided strategic counsel, which included advising senior clients on branding and positioning, messaging, research as well as other key support activities. Beginning in 2004, Paul led a number of capacity-building programs within the Government of Afghanistan, this included the Office of the Presidential Spokesman, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Counter Narcotics within the Government of Afghanistan, he advised on wide-ranging communication projects and capacity building efforts. Paul worked in the Office of the President, assisting in the creation of a new “Executive Office of the President”. Paul was appointed the strategic communications advisor to the Minister of Information in Kabul, where he developed full strategic communications processes and plans for the Minister as well as drafted narratives and speeches for the Government of Afghanistan. While in Kabul, he assisted other agencies in developing strategic communications and information operations products, as well as talking points and Cabinet briefing papers. Before Kabul, Paul worked for a senior member of the UK Parliament. Prior to this Paul worked for the UK Government in numerous posts, including in Baghdad for the CPA, the Ministry of Defence, Cabinet Office and in the Prime Minister’s Office. While working for No. 10, Paul worked on Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on Terrorism.

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