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Are We Winning?

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Since September 11, 2001, U.S. counter-terrorism policy has focused largely on the worldwide threat posed by Islamist extremism to America.

Through its continuing research, events, and publications, the American Security Project provides critical assessments of this fight against extremism, examining whether or not progress is being made, and prescribing new solutions that keep us safe.

Are We Winning? (AWW) was the first metric-driven assessment of progress in the fight against al Qaeda. It tracks progress in ten discreet areas against historic norms.

The purpose of the report is to provide empirical data as the foundation of reasoned discussion and principled debate. The metrics are designed to be both reproducible and objective.

Previous reports:

Are We Winning? (2012)

Are We Winning? Podcast: Afghanistan (2011)

Are We Winning? (2010)

Are We Winning? Mid-Year Update (2010)

Are We Winning? (2009)

Are We Winning? Interim Update (2009)



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