Understanding the U.S. – Egyptian Relationship

Understanding the U.S. – Egyptian Relationship

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 “Egypt’s political and economic success is important, of course, not only for Egyptians, but it’s important for the region, for the United States, and the international community.”

John Kerry, Secretary Of State 


Egypt is the most populous and traditionally one of the most influential countries in the region. The United States has had long-term military, cultural and economic links with the country.

Recently, due in part to lack of knowledge and understanding of political change in Egypt, that relationship has faltered.

 “Throughout its millennial history Egypt has been — and remains — the guiding light of Arab culture, the touchstone of legitimacy and the role model to be emulated throughout the region. It is not too much to say that by nurturing the success of the new government of Egypt we will nurture stability in the Middle East, with all the attendant benefits for American interests that implies.”

Robert McFarlane, national security adviser to President Reagan


In order to help maintain and strengthen the strategic partnership and secure the mutual interests of the United States and Egypt, the American Security Project will be producing a series of non-partisan reports and events to help better understand the situation in Egypt.

We believe that this partnership should be based around mutual strategic self-interest; supporting Egypt’s economic, political and institutional transformation & progress towards stable democracy; and an open dialogue to create understanding between the American and Egyptian people.

Through this site you will find a collection of fact sheets, reports, blogs and other such writings from American and Egyptian leaders.

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