Budget Concerns and Non-Traditional Threats: COVID’s Long-Term Effect on the Military

COVID-19 has already affected the military in a myriad of temporary ways – from recruiting methods to a reduction in travel. However, the current situation will also have long-term effects as Americans begin to perceive more non-traditional threats as a priority. In order to meet a broadened definition of national security, it will be necessary to reassess the military’s role in the U.S.’s security and redistribute future Department of Defense budgets accordingly.  Read more...

The U.S. and the World Health Organization

June 17th will mark the end of the thirty-day period President Trump has given the World Health Organization to change its stance on China. At that point, the U.S.’s future within the WHO will be determined based on a review of the organization’s actions during COVID-19 and whether the organization has made sufficient changes.  Read more...

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