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National Security and Fuel Economy

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ASP’s CEO, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, USMC (Ret) and Senior Fellow for Energy and Environmental Policy, Andrew Holland launched the briefing, discussing the link between national security and domestic consumer use of oil for transportation.

Lieutenant General Norman R. Seip, USAF (Ret) then discussed how national security is compromised by dependence on oil for transportation, and how improved fuel economy standards could help mitigate this dependence.

The briefing coincided with the Obama Administration’s announcement of a historic proposal to set stronger fuel economy and greenhouse gas pollution standards for Model Year2017-2025 passenger cars and light trucks, a proposal that ASP fully supports.

This event is part of ASP’s series on next-generation energy: America’s Future Energy Choices. If you would like any further information on ASP or details in our energy work, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Here is a link to the ASP presentation:

National Security and Fuel Economy



You can find more on our energy work here.




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