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General Fusion is Named to the 2015 Global Cleantech 100 Photo Credit: energy.gov

General Fusion is Named to the 2015 Global Cleantech 100

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For the second year in a row, the Business Council for American Security member General Fusion, a leader in the development of fusion power, was listed in the top 100 Global Cleantech companies of 2015. General Fusion is also Chair of the BCAS Fusion Subcommittee. The highly prestigious Global Cleantech list includes the “most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech.” In addition to being a cleantech company, eligible companies must be independent, for-profit and not listed on any major stock exchange. This year, General Fusion beat out a record number of candidates, over 6,900 distinct companies.

General Fusion’s CEO Nathan Gilliland expressed gratitude for the honor and said, “Once again, this recognizes the leadership we’re showing in the development of the fastest, most practical path to commercially-viable fusion-powered clean energy.”

The American Security Project has highlighted the importance of fusion energy for the United States’ national security interests in multiple, comprehensive white papers. Fusion White Paper- 10 Year Plan for American Energy Security, notes the danger of the U.S.’ dependence on fossil fuels. Beyond contributing to climate change, our dependence also leaves U.S. military troops vulnerable and restrains U.S. foreign policy.

Fusion energy has the potential to meet our energy needs while acting as a sustainable and secure source. Unlike fossil fuels, fusion energy is practically unlimited and unlike nuclear fission, does not have the potential for a “runaway reaction” leading to a meltdown. Companies like General Fusion, along with continued research and development, are critical if the U.S. wishes to protect national security and maintain global prominence.

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