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Esther Sperling

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estherbabsonAdjunct Fellow

Expertise: Climate Change, Security Studies, South Asia, Arctic Security and Renewable Energy

Esther Sperling is an Adjunct Fellow and the former Program Manager of Climate Security at the American Security Project. She has a Masters in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University with a focus on the impact of climate change on security in South Asia. As part of her studies, she participated in a three week long course held in Nepal, during which she studied the current and anticipated impacts of climate change on Nepal and current adaptation measures.

Esther received her Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Studies from Dickinson College. While attending Dickinson College, Esther attended the UN COP 17 in Durban, South Africa where she interviewed delegates and climate change and security experts in order to create a database of interviews on the subject of the Kyoto Protocol. Prior to working at ASP, Esther worked for the American Hotel and Lodging Association and Clean Currents, a wind energy supplier.

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