Assassination of a Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist: Is This the JCPOA's Nuclear Fallout?

This assassination deals a significant blow to the diplomatic approach Biden is expected to take toward U.S.-Iran relations, no matter who actually carried out the attack, fueling a continued era of mistrust between Iran, Israel, and the United States. Read more...

No Clear Skies Ahead: Assessing the Future of the Open Skies Treaty

To ensure the safety and security of the U.S. and our allies, the Biden administration should look to rejoin the OST, but not without thoroughly reassessing and reevaluating its content and relevance. This can be achieved through an emphasis on mutual nuclear transparency concerns and global security threats in a changing international system, supported by renewed scientific collaboration. Read more...

The Boys in the Ban: What the TPNW Means as It Enters Into Force

So whether one thinks the TPNW is a flawed invention or a peacemaker, it’s impossible to deny that a new day has come: one that will encourage the world to reflect on the sustainability of nuclear weapons not just as a strategic tool, but also what we’re doing to the Earth and to humankind. Where exactly is the world going? And how are we going to get there? Read more...

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