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Abysinia Kasu

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Public Diplomacy Intern

Expertise: Cybersecurity, Foreign Policy, International Development, and Peace and Conflict

Abysinia Kasu is a senior at The University of Oslo, currently conducting an exchange program at The American University where she is earning her B.A. in International Development Studies with a minor in Political Science and Global Economics. Her research interests include East African development, international security, and the power of technology. She has a specific interest in cybersecurity and the increased occurrence of cyberattacks.

As part of her studies, Abysinia conducted independent research in Uganda to write her final thesis. The research uncovered the detrimental effects of cyberattacks, and how it negatively impacts the economic development of East African nations such as Uganda. Before entering the world of international development and security, she studied European Law at Maastricht University, which has greatly impacted her view of the policy domain.

In her free time, Abysinia enjoys practicing yoga, reading, traveling (when possible), and spending time with family and friends.

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