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ASP Partners with World War Zero to Support Climate Action

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World War Zero was recently launched by former Secretary of State and founding member of the American Security Project, John Kerry. The initiative, in partnership with ASP, and a coalition of world leaders, endeavors to reach millions of Americans to build an army to beat the climate crisis. ASP board members that are currently enlisted as members of World War Zero include:

Since its founding by then Senators Chuck Hagel and John Kerry, ASP has prided itself on being a bi-partisan, leading voice on national security. ASP has brought together a unique group of retired military flag officers, prominent former government officials, and American business leaders to provide valuable insight into the most pressing threats to our country’s national security.

ASP has been a thought leader in defining the threats climate change poses to national security. Climate security is a central part of our work. As sea level rises and temperatures fluctuate dramatically, ASP has worked to educate both DC policymakers and the general public on the dangers that climate change poses to military installations. This includes organizing and participating in grassroots tours and outreach across the country, publishing educational resources on military base resilience, and testifying in front of Congress.

Climate security is national security. The effects of the climate change have already dramatically affected US national security and will continue to do so.

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