International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics

International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics

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imageLast week at American University- School of International Service (SIS), Professor David Bosco discussed his latest book Rough Justice: The International Criminal Court in a World of Power Politics.

David Bosco separated the International Criminal Court (ICC) from other international institutions and analyzed it as an actor in itself.   Since its creation in 2002, through the Rome Statue, the ICC faces weak support from strong states with monetary, military and human resources.  The lack of a police force further weakens the ICC’s legitimacy.

Even though there are a lot of skeptics about the legitimacy of the ICC, David Bosco’s central argument states that there is a mutual accommodation between states and the ICC. Bosco identifies the ICC as an institution that has and will continue to alter existing norms.  This normative power of the court has shifted its rocky relationship with the US to a working relationship, where the US provides assistance to the court on a case by case basis.

In 2008 an American Security Project contributor, Anthony Clark Arend, wrote a perspective on how President Obama must make a high profile declaration to follow and promote international law. This declaration will help the US regain international legitimacy and legal grounds.  The Obama administration’s approach to the ICC followed Anthony Clark Arend’s advice and re-established the US’s relationship with international law.  Even though the Obama administration does not have plans on ratifying the ICC anytime soon, they are active in attending meetings with the ICC in order to maintain an open relationship to promote international law.

Click here to read Anthony Clark Arend’s perspective “Reclaiming the Legal High Ground: Suggestions for the Incoming Administration.”

For more information regarding the event click here.

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