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FACT SHEET: Threat Finance and Financial Intelligence

FACT SHEET: Threat Finance and Financial Intelligence

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Threat finance is an enabling factor of crime and terrorism, and therefore, a challenge to both national and international security. The integration of global financial systems, as well as technological innovation and proliferation, has reduced barriers to threat finance and money laundering while making it difficult for authorities to detect or disrupt these illicit operations.

The American Security Project has compiled this fact sheet to provide an overview of threat finance and the methods used to launder money, as well as measures aimed at countering these activities.








Threat Finance and Financial Intelligence Fact Sheet


  1. […] In recent days there have been a slew of articles published reporting how the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office has listed Bitcoin as one threat area that they are seeking submissions to research in preparation for future possible terrorist attacks. According to a report in the IBTimes, Bitcoin has been included in the list due to its ability to ‘shape’ the future of threat finance. […]

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