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The US and EU Strategy to Defeat ISIL

The US and EU Strategy to Defeat ISIL

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ASP Director of Strategy and Communications Paul Hamill and ASP Senior Adjunct Fellow Fadi Elsalameen recently addressed the ways in which the US and EU should partner in order to combat the threat of ISIL and like-minded militant movements.

We know from past experience that cutting off both financing and foreign fighters will be a critical element of both the US and EU effort; and it is only together, working in conjunction with Muslim leaders across the world, that we can confront the corrupting narrative that ISIL seeps directly through social media.

In order to stem the tide of young Arabs joining ISIL, Arab countries need to provide jobs and opportunities for their growing youth populations.

This long-term focus should be based around social and economic reform – in order to create vibrant economies throughout the region that will be an engine for job growth.

Aside from military operations, US and EU leaders should pursue a comprehensive socioeconomic strategy to confront groups like ISIL. Infrastructure investment, private sector mobilization, education reform and free trade agreements are the four key areas Hamill and Elsalameen urge policy makers to target in order to respond to the threat of ISIL.


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