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The ITER Project: International Collaboration to Demonstrate Nuclear Fusion

The ITER Project: International Collaboration to Demonstrate Nuclear Fusion

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The IAGS Journal of Energy Security recently published an article about fusion power. Written by Sabina Griffith, the article discusses the benefits of fusion power and gives an overview of the ITER project in southern France. After summarizing the history of fusion research, Griffith goes into detail about the building, costs, and maintenance of the ITER project, as well as its capabilities. She argues that fusion power has many advantages in a post-Fukushima world, like providing clean, safe, and limitless energy. From the article:

ITER is not an end in itself: it is only the bridge toward a first plant that will demonstrate the large-scale production of electrical power and tritium fuel self-sufficiency. This is the next step after ITER: the Demonstration Power Plant, or DEMO for short. If all goes well, DEMO will lead fusion into its industrial era, beginning operations in the early 2030s, and begin putting fusion power into the grid as early as 2040. Our world will then enter the Age of Fusion—an age when mankind covers a significant part of its energy needs with an inexhaustible, environmentally benign, and universally available resource.

To read the full article, click here.

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