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Perspective – The U.S.-India Relationship: Navigating Strategic Multi-Alignment

India has remained strategically neutral on key geopolitical divides in the 21st century, prioritizing economic growth over great power alignment. Shifting global dynamics, including tighter sanctions on Russia and resurfacing conflicts in the Middle East, present a new opportunity for the United States to strengthen its strategic partnership with the world’s most populous democracy. …Read more

White Paper – Combating Military Obesity: Stigma’s Persistent Impact on Operational Readiness

Amidst an escalating military recruiting crisis, pre-accession weight loss programs are helping meet enlistment goals. Rapid and sustained recurrence of obesity across all services, ranks, and positions is now a dire threat to operational readiness, especially for at-risk populations and those in critical combat roles. ASP’s new white paper evaluates the role of stigma and science in combating military obesity. …Read more