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No Need to Increase our Nuclear Arsenal

No Need to Increase our Nuclear Arsenal

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Recent statements by the President of the United States calling for the US nuclear arsenal to be at the top of the pack are out of line with the reality of America’s nuclear capability.

The United States is already at the top of the pack when it comes to nuclear weapons. American nuclear capabilities are second to none.

We believe in a strong, credible, reliable nuclear deterrent. However, we believe that this deterrent can be achieved with fewer nuclear weapons.

The US and Russia should reaffirm their commitment to the New START Treaty, which sets the maximum number of deployed strategic nuclear weapons at 1,550 for both the US and Russia. We contend that both sides can and should look towards reducing this number further in the future through mutually agreed negotiations.

Increasing the number of nuclear weapons does not serve U.S. national security when these weapons are inherently unusable, and the current arsenal is more than capable of deterring America’s nearest nuclear peer.

The money that would be spend on quantitatively increasing the American arsenal is better spent on conventional equipment that protect the lives of our servicemen and women in harm’s way. While America’s nuclear arsenal should be maintained, expanding it is a waste of taxpayer dollars and a disservice to the actual needs of our military.


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  1. “At the front of the pack” or “on top of the heap.” I make this comment in desperation because none of the articles around have taken up the grammar issue of the Pres’s comment.

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