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Fusion Energy – The National Security Requirement

Fusion Energy – The National Security Requirement

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New York Energy Week event examined the future of fusion energy.

June 16, 2015 (Washington, DC)– As a part of New York’s annual “Energy Week,” the American Security Project, in conjunction with FTI Strategic Communications, sponsored a lunch discussion on new developments in fusion energy research.

Mr. Edward Reilly, Global CEO of FTI Strategic Communications, introduced ASP CEO Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, who discussed why fusion is important for America: our national security, our economic competitiveness, and our scientific leadership.

Dr. Dennis Whyte, the Director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center and one of the world’s leading fusion experts, then detailed how groundbreaking advances in superconducting magnets, 3D printing, fusion configurations, and super-computing indicate the day fusion provides power to our economy could be closer than many thought.

Fusion energy is real and will revolutionize the American energy system as a clean, safe, secure, and affordable energy source. Scientific breakthroughs in research institutions across America and around the world will allow fusion to be a viable source of power much sooner than many had thought.

It is imperative to our national security that America demonstrates practical fusion power within 10 years. This will set the stage for full-scale commercial power, driving American prosperity for the next century.

However, tremendous challenges are preventing much needed progress from continuing.

American Security Project’s Fusion White Paper outlines a plan on how to accelerate the development of fusion power in the United States.