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Whitman: stakes are too high for partisanship on climate change ASP board member Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Whitman: stakes are too high for partisanship on climate change

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Following today’s hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works (EPW) on the “EPA’s Proposed Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rules from New, Modified, and Existing Power Plants” proposals to curb carbon pollution, former EPA Administrator in the George W. Bush Administration Christine Todd Whitman issued the following statement:

“For the sake of our national security, public health and environment, the stakes are too high for Washington’s partisanship to stand in the way of tackling climate change. This is why I was troubled that some members of the Senate Committee used today’s hearing to push a blatantly political agenda by attacking the EPA’s climate action plan. As I wrote in the New York Times with my Republican colleagues William Ruckelshaus, Lee Thomas, and William Reilly, When confronted by a problem, deal with it.

“The EPA’s Clean Power Plan, while in need of some revisions, goes a long way to provide states with the flexibility they need. We need a serious effort towards curbing harmful pollutants as well as addressing the security threat posed by climate change. The overwhelming majority of Americans – from both parties – support the need for action, and it is time for Members in Congress to put aside the partisanship and forge a plan that achieves that goal.”


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  1. Come on Governor, it’s not ‘Washington’s partisanship’ that’s preventing action from being taken on climate change, it’s ‘Republican’s willful ignorance.’

    Let’s be specific, let’s be accurate, let’s call a spade a spade.

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