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Fallon: Concerns over ISIL in the Homeland

Fallon: Concerns over ISIL in the Homeland

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On September 12, ASP Board Member Admiral William Fallon, USN (Ret.) was interviewed by Fox Business in regards to the ongoing crisis in the Middle East perpetrated by ISIS.

Admiral Fallon stated that

“I think there is a lot of concern because these guys have been very effective certainly in the Middle East, but I think the concern is probably that some of these fighters might return from battlefields and their experience over there, and come back and cause problems at home, whether its Australia or the UK or even the US.”

Admiral Fallon added that 

“Personally, I think that the focus of ISIS is not  here, it’s in the Middle East and that’s where we ought to be really looking, but people do not want to take any chances and particularly given 9/11’s anniversary yesterday, I think it’s pretty important to keep our eye on the ball in the borders.”

In reference to positive developments regarding U.S. activities, Admiral Fallon stated that

“I noticed that General John Allen is the man who’s now going to be working to coordinate those activities. That’s a terrific choice in my opinion. General Allen has done this before: he knows the territory, he knows the people.”


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