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FACT SHEET – American Competitiveness & National Security

FACT SHEET – American Competitiveness & National Security

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The security of our nation inherently depends upon the strength of our ability to compete in the global market place while simultaneously raising living standards at home. “American Competitiveness” thus includes a wide array of interconnected issues, linking economic prosperity and national security imperatives.

Fundamental economic problems have been illustrated as our competitiveness is slipping. While short-term post-recession economic improvements are to be expected, there are deep structural flaws in our fiscal arrangement.

Failure by business-leaders and policy makers alike to correct these issues will lead to great degradation of both our economic prosperity and national security.

This fact sheet provides an overview of the fundamental factors that compromise American Competitiveness, their relation to national security, and provides suggested reforms to reverse current downward trends.


Fact Sheet: American Competitiveness and National Security by The American Security Project

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