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Domestic Sources power ITER Credit © ITER Organization, http://www.iter.org/

Domestic Sources power ITER

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Twelve high voltage surge arresters (to protect the electrical system against lightning strikes) were shipped from New York and delivered to ITER on September 4th. This marks the first delivery of US contributions to ITER  (read the ITER Press Release).  Fusion’s reach across America touches 47 states and over 775 institutions. Much of ITER comes from domestic sources; several thousand components are planned to be delivered. As of March 2014, US ITER has awarded more than $616 million to US industries, universities, and DOE national laboratories to build components for the tokomak. More than 80% of US ITER funding is spent in the U.S.  The project engages more than 400 companies and universities in 40 states and D.C. “ITER Pictures in Progress” shows buildings and components of the tokomak in progress.


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