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FACT SHEET:  DoD’s Biofuels Program

FACT SHEET: DoD’s Biofuels Program

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For the U.S. military – and the U.S. economy as a whole – dependence on oil presents real threats to national security. Over the last five years, the U.S. Department of Defense has begun to act to reduce these energy security threats by helping to create alternatives to petroleum-based fuels. One of the most promising is biofuels.

Today, these efforts are beginning to have an effect. Advanced biofuels that can act as drop-in replacements to traditional gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel are being produced today. By the end of this decade, a significant portion of the U.S. military’s transportation fuel will derive from feedstocks other than oil – at a price that is competitive with traditional petroleum-based fuels.

ASP’s factsheet on the “DoD’s Biofuels Program” explains how dependence on oil create national security risks and the policies being put in place to reduce those risks.









Factsheet- DoD’s Biofuels Program


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