Boeing 787 completes flight across Pacific on biofuel

Boeing 787 completes flight across Pacific on biofuel

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The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner recently proved its ability to aid in establishing energy security for the airline industry, according to an article in TG Daily:

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made aviation history by completing the first ever transpacific biofuel flight.

The Boeing, operated by All Nippon Airways (ANA), flew between Boeing’s Delivery Center in Everett, Wash., and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. It was powered by a mix of regular aviation fuel and biofuels, made mainly from used cooking oil.

According to Boeing, the plane emitted an estimated 30 percent less carbon dioxide emissions compared to similarly sized airplanes using conventional jet fuel.

This is a very important achievement for the airline industry when the price volatility of oil is greatly affecting their operating costs. At a briefing held by PEW Charitable Trusts last month, an industry expert said that the cost of fuel was 300%  more  in 2010 than it was in 2000. Developing a ‘drop-in’ fuel (meaning no hardware changes have to be made) will be crucial for airlines in the coming years as the availability and access to oil becomes more scarce.

To read the full TG Daily article, click here.

ASP previously held a briefing on “Biofuels for National Security” and also published an associated fact sheet, available here, on the military’s interest in the promise of biofuels.

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