Fusion Industry Association Announces Launch

The Fusion Industry Association, a new group representing the interests of the private fusion industry, announced the launch of its website ( and the beginning of a campaign to grow support for fusion power. The association and its 16 member companies are working to transform the global energy system by putting fusion energy on the grid.Read more...

MIT Researchers made a major discovery in Fusion Energy, but the lack of support continues to undermine its development

On June 2017, a study was published by the scientific journal Nature Physics, announcing an advance toward fusion energy development. Researchers at the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) partnered with scientists from the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, U.K. to develop “a new type of nuclear fusion fuel that produces ten times as much energy from energized ions as previously achieved.” However, nuclear fusion development continues to struggle due to inconsistent funding and a lack of long-term vision among many policy makers. Read more...

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