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BGen. Cheney Interviewed on Iran Deal

BGen. Cheney Interviewed on Iran Deal

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On August 13, Al Jazeera America news anchor Stephanie Sy spoke with ASP CEO BGen. Stephen A Cheney in response to a recent letter signed by 36 retired admirals and generals in support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, referred to as the Iran deal.

The interview opened with Sy asking General Cheney to respond to critics who argue the US,”could have gotten a better deal.” Cheney replied, “I just don’t know how… It will fall apart if Congress fails to ratify. The sanctions will then fall apart, and we’ll have a much worse situation than we had before hand.”

Cheney is a member of the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board and a member of the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board. Prior to retirement, his assignments included Inspector General of the Marine Corps, liaison to the Congressional Commission roles and Missions of the Armed Forces and Dep. Executive Secretary to DefSecs Cheney and Aspin.

The full interview on the Iran deal can be seen here.

A copy of the letter, endorsed by ASP Board Members VAdm Lee F. Gun, LTG Claudia Kennedy and BGen. Stephen A Cheney and Consensus for American Security members LTG Arlen D. Jameson, LTG Norm Seip, LTG Donald Kerrick,RAdm Jamie Barnett, MGen Paul EatonBGen. John Adams, in support of the JCPoA can be found here.

A Washington Post article on the letter was published August 11 and can be found on their website.


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