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LTG Donald Kerrick, USA (Ret)

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Lieutenant General Donald KerrickLieutenant General Donald Kerrick served in the United States Army for 30 years and retired as a three-star General. At retirement, he was serving in the White House as the Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. He managed the nation’s deputies committee and was responsible for developing, implementing, and managing United States foreign and national security policies.

For five years after leaving the military, Kerrick served as Vice President, General Dynamics Advanced Information systems. Subsequently, he is the Managing Director of Kerrick Consulting providing consulting services for select defense and intelligence clients. He serves on the Defense Intelligence Agency Advisory Board and is a Florida Southern College Trustee.

Donald Kerrick served, by Presidential Appointment, as a principal negotiator on the United States Balkans Peace Delegation that negotiated an agreement ending the Bosnian War. Later, he was appointed by the President to serve on the Steering Committee for the Protection of the United States Critical Infrastructure and developed the blueprint for the structure and procedures designed to protect national critical infrastructure.

Other significant military assignments include: Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Chief of Staff/Staff Director, the National Security Council, The White House; Director of Operations, Defense Intelligence Agency; the Army Staff, Commander 701st Military Intelligence Brigade and Field Station Augsburg, Germany; and Commander 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation), Korea. Additionally, he is a rated pilot in both rotary and fixed wing aircraft and is a multi-engine instructor pilot.

Kerrick holds a Masters degree from the University of Southern California and a Bachelors degree and honorary Doctor of Diplomacy from Florida Southern College.