BGen. Cheney Featured in Politico

BGen. Cheney Featured in Politico

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ASP CEO BGen. Stephen Cheney, USMC (Ret.) was featured in a January 14th Politico piece on the detainment and release of 10 US sailors in Iran.

10 crew members and 2 ships mistakeningly drifted into Iranian territory off the coast of Farsi Island while enroute to Kuwait from Bahrain. The crew was detained by the Revolutionary Guard before being released 16 hours later.

General Cheney discussed the GOP response to the incident before arguing the episode’s speedy resolve was an indication of the importance of diplomacy in national security.

“When you look at this and think back to the 1980s, if this had happened back then these sailors would be paraded down the street in blindfolds and handcuffs,” Cheney said. “It got resolved far quicker than it would in years back.”

Read the full article by Bryan Bender here.

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