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The ISIS Threat in U.S.

The ISIS Threat in U.S.

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ASP’s Director of Strategy and Communications Paul Hamill was featured on Fox Local News yesterday discussing the threat of ISIS terror cells in the United States. A report from someone claiming to have ties to the terrorist organization reported over 70 militants living in 15 states across the country.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent attack that took place in Texas, although proof of their involvement is still under investigation.

Hamill stated that while US officials should heed the warning, they should also be skeptical:

“I think it’s likely true that there are terror cells. What I don’t think is true is that they are directly linked with ISIS.”

Hamill said that efforts to combat these terror cells need to start at home:

“I think what we should be seeing is the local police taking the lead in this,” said Hamill. “Connecting the police with the communities, patrolling, talking to local communities, gaining the trust of local communities, especially working with mosques, which will be big thing.”




Read the full story and watch the video on Fox News DC here.


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