ASP Podcast – The Future of Nuclear Energy

ASP Podcast – The Future of Nuclear Energy

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On this latest American Security Project podcast , ASP’s Senior Fellow Andrew Holland discusses with Brian Marrs, a power markets specialist, and Robert Petroski, a nuclear engineer, the future of nuclear power.

Holland asked how nuclear has changed in the wake of the Fukushima disaster. They said that the nuclear power today is far different than plants built in the 1960s (as the Fukushima plant was). Marrs notes that the market environment for nuclear power is very difficult right now, but that there will be a wave of plant retirements coming up that could alter that. Petroski notes that next-generation technologies like fusion or breeder reactors could essentially be renewable energy, providing power for millennia.

All three are members of the “Emerging Leaders in Energy and Environmental Policy,” a Transatlantic Network of young professionals.

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  1. I have created a 4 printed page hypertext summary of the state of fusion research. I refer to ASP and other fusion teams. You can download the paper from here .

    I would like any feedback on this effort. Thanx!

    Dave Doucette, aka, Frank Paine.

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