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ASP in: “Investing in America’s Next Energy Boom”

ASP in: “Investing in America’s Next Energy Boom”

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Last week, ASP Board Member Norman Augustine co-authored an article with Chad Holliday in The Hill calling for more investment in energy research and development (R&D) to improve US energy security and the quality of life within the country. Augustine and Holliday note in their article:

Historically, energy innovation has rarely become highly politicized because Republicans, Democrats and independents share a common interest in scientific breakthroughs and technological progress that improve people’s lives.  America has succeeded because it has created new possibilities for the future, not simply adapted to the status quo.  We must preserve that uniquely American tradition and our nation’s competitive advantage by investing, again, in energy innovation.


Read the full article “Investing in America’s Next Energy Boom” in The Hill.


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