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Tokamak Energy Featured in The Guardian

Tokamak Energy Featured in The Guardian

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ASP Fusion sub-committee member, Tokamak Energy, was featured in a recent Guardian article with their CEO, David Kingham, calling for a “Wright brothers” moment for nuclear fusion. With an ambitious goal of producing electricity by 2025 and putting power on the grid by 2030, Tokamak Energy is one of the leaders in the race to produce nuclear fusion. Kingham noted that a “Wright brothers” moment would “unlock lots of investments around the world to solve some of the big challenges” that remain for nuclear fusion.
Named a technology pioneer by the World Economic Forum in 2015, Tokamak has a wide range of investors contributing to their $15m in funding. As the only private venture developing tokamaks (toroidal chamber magnetic fields) their focus is primarily on engineering. Kingham highlighted that his company’s focus on tokamaks keeps them closer to mainstream science where they are “dealing with known unknowns” whereas other companies are “dealing with unknown unknowns.”
The American Security Project has been a strong and sustained supporter of fusion energy. Supporting organization like Tokamak Energy is critical for the development of nuclear fusion and new alternative energy options. If successful, fusion could be the solution to our growing energy security needs.

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