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ASP Fact Sheet: Significant Iranian Sanctions Since 1995

ASP Fact Sheet: Significant Iranian Sanctions Since 1995

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Since 1979, the United States has instituted sanctions against Iran in retaliation for the seizure of the U.S. Embassy and its staff, support of international terrorism, role in the Beirut Marine Corps barracks bombing, and its attacks on vessels during the 1984-1987 Tanker War.

Over the past 15 years, concerns about Iran’s nuclear program are the driving factors behind efforts for tougher U.S. sanctions.

These sanctions attempt to isolate Iran from the international banking and finance system, reduce Iran’s exports, and prevent investment in Iran’s oil and natural gas sector.


Below is a fact sheet listing of the 15 most significant sanctions and actions against Iran.

You can also download the fact sheet here

More about Iran can be found here

Fact Sheet on Iran Sanctions


  1. […] Washington D.C., 25 March 2012- Today, Dr. Robert Gallucci, the former Assistant Secretary of State for Politico-Military Affairs and chief negotiator during the 1994 North Koreannuclear crisis, spoke and lead a discussion at an event sponsored by the American Security Project entitled, “The Iranian Nuclear Program: Status and Prospects.”  In conjunction with the event, the American Security Project also released a Fact Sheet on basic geo-political Iran facts, and a Fact Sheet on the most important U.S. legislation, executive orders, and pending legislation on to Iranian sanctions. […]

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