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ASP Board Member Whitman pushes for wider nuclear power use

ASP Board Member Whitman pushes for wider nuclear power use

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Christine Todd Whitman, former Republican Governor of New Jersey, administrator of the EPA under George W. Bush, and American Security board member, is pushing for wider use of nuclear power in the US. Whitman is a co-chairwoman of CASE, the Clean And Safe Energy Coalition, which aims to advance the national dialogue about the benefits of clean, safe, and affordable nuclear energy. Whitman argues, “Nuclear is the only form of back-up power that releases no greenhouse gases or other regulated pollutants while it’s producing power. From that clean energy perspective, it’s one of the most attractive sources.”

Whitman has spoken on nuclear energy and climate change before. In June 2014, she testified in front of the Senate Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Security, stressing that climate change is not just an environmental and economic concern but a matter of national security for the U.S. In the ASP Climate Security Report she stated, “There will be costs to our economic security from climate change — and significant ones at that — if we do nothing but continue business as usual. We are seeing all sorts of issues that come from climate change and we must adapt to them.” Whitman also spoke about Hurricane Sandy and the importance of treating climate change as a real national security concern.

American Security Project has hosted several events on climate change, alternative energy, and nuclear power: America’s Energy Choices discussed that energy policy choices must be made if the U.S. is to move forward in the coming decade.  The Energy Technology of Tomorrow- and how can Government foster that innovation? panel focused on two themes: nuclear power plants must be part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions, and nuclear power plants of the future look very different than power plants today.



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