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What We Are Reading

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Quetta Attack Survivor: ‘We Were Sleeping When Terrorists Attacked’

Sophia Saifi, Syed Ali Shah, and Juliet Perry / CNN

ISIS has claimed responsibility via its Amaq media wing for a deadly attack Monday night on a police academy in Quetta, Pakistan.


Mosul Battle: UN Receives Reports of IS Atrocities


UN human rights staff have received reports of atrocities being committed by Islamic State militants as Iraqi government forces close in on Mosul.


Calais Camp Scuffles Break out as 2,000 Refugees Prepare to Leave

Lisa O’Carroll and Alice Ross / The Guardian

Up to 2,000 people were expected to leave the Calais refugee camp on Tuesday, as isolated scuffles broke out on the second day of an attempt by the French government to clear the site.


American Competitiveness


Cummins, Tangent Energy Solutions Back Distributed Energy Joint Venture

William Pentland / Forbes

Tangent Energy Solutions, a start-up company based in Kennett Square, PA that specializes in distributed energy management, said today that it would form a joint venture agreement with industrial equipment maker Cummins.


Fed’s Williams Looks to December for the Next Rate Increase

Michael S. Derby / The Wall Street Journal

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President John Williams said the best time for the U.S. central bank to raise rates again likely will be at its policy gathering in December.


Ratings Inflation Is Back, Subprime Style

Michelle Davis / Bloomberg

A decade after the triple-A failures of the subprime era, grade inflation is back on Wall Street. This time, Moody’s Investors Service and S&P Global Ratings Inc. are cutting companies slack on mergers and acquisitions, an analysis of credit-ratings data by Bloomberg News found.


Asymmetric Operations


Iraqi Army’s Elite Force Pauses Advance Near Mosul

Stephen Kalin and Maher Chmaytelli / Reuters

An elite unit of the Iraqi army paused its week-long advance on Mosul as it approached the city’s eastern edge on Tuesday, waiting for other U.S.-backed forces to close in on Islamic State’s last major urban stronghold in Iraq.


‘Al-Shabab Attack’ on Kenyan Town Mandera Kills 12


At least 12 people have been killed in an attack in Kenya claimed by Somalia-based militant Islamist group al-Shabab.


Climate Security


Climate Change Could Spark the World’s Next Financial Crisis, Former Bank of England Executive Warns

Emily Cadman / The Independent

Climate change could spark the world’s next financial crisis, according to Paul Fisher, who retired this year as deputy head of the Bank of England body that supervises the country’s banks.


Resettling China’s ‘Ecological Migrants’

Edward Wong / The New York Times

Ankle-deep sand blocked the door of their new home. Pushing bicycles through the yard was like wading in a bog. The “lake” part of Miaomiao Lake Village turned out to be nothing but a tiny oasis more than a mile from the cookie-cutter rows of small concrete-block houses.


Nuclear Security


North Korean Coal Windfall Boosts Nuclear Advance

Alastair Gale / The Wall Street Journal

North Korean coal prices have surged by 40% in value recently, boosting funds for Pyongyang’s advancing nuclear program and undermining U.S.-led efforts to force it into talks by choking its finances.


U.S.-Russia Relationship


Russia Promises Retribution over Any New U.S. Sanctions on Moscow

Ben Kentish / The Independent

Russia has promised “asymmetric” retribution if the U.S. imposes new sanctions on Moscow over its bombing campaign in Syria


On Our Flashpoint Blog


State of Washington Considering Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax to Cut Emissions

Philip Rossetti

A carbon tax is a simple idea: tax emissions, and people will emit less in order to save money. The state of Washington is currently contemplating the tax provision I-732, which would introduce a revenue neutral carbon tax to the state.


The Paris Agreement Is Heating Up

Esther Babson

In almost exactly 2 weeks, the historic Paris Agreement comes into effect. The agreement has the potential to alter the future of our world; moving us away from our current trajectory toward dangerous climate change.


Building a Fusion Industry Advisory Committee

Andrew Holland

Here in Washington, DC, the country approaches a landmark election season. The early days of a new Administration are key in setting the agenda for the next four years, and ASP is beginning to lay the groundwork for an argument that now is the time to invest in the next generation of energy technology.


BGen. Stephen Cheney Quoted in “Stars and Stripes”

Nick Bohmann

Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney was quoted on issues facing the United States in the Asia-Pacific in Wyatt Olson’s October 2 article “Naval Rivalry with China, North Korean Missile Threats Await Next President” in Stars and Stripes.


Dante Disparte and Daniel Wagner Featured in Harvard Business Review

Ariana Mirzakashani

In September Dante Disparte, ASP BCAS Chairperson and Daniel Wagner, Managing Director of Risk Solutions for Risk Cooperative and previously featured guest on ASP’s weekly podcast, were featured in the Harvard Business Review.


Upcoming Events


The Arctic: Assessing the Geopolitical, Economic, Military, and Environmental Drivers of U.S. Arctic Policy

November 1 @ 12:00pm-1:30pm

Join the American Security Project on November 1, 2016 for a panel discussion with members of the ISAB Sub-Committee on the Arctic on the report.

To Register for the event, please click here.


ASP Recently Published


Russia’s Response to Terrorism

Nicole Mazurova

Certain Russian terrorism policies – covert and overt – were aimed at securing Putin’s electoral position and intentionally prolonging the Syrian crisis as a way to express dissatisfaction with the global status quo.


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