Thoughts on The State of The Union 2014

Thoughts on The State of The Union 2014

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ASP CEO BGen Steve Cheney

ASP CEO BGen Steve Cheney

America must lead in the pursuit of our common goals and shared security.  We must confront international challenges with our partners by using all of the tools at our disposal, as well as address emerging problems before they become a security crises.

ASP founders believe that the days when a nation’s security could be measured by bombers and battleships are long gone, that security in this new era requires harnessing all of America’s strengths: the force of our diplomacy; the might of our military; the vigor and competitiveness of our economy; and the power of our ideals.

Regarding the main issues brought up in the State of the Union Address, like the economy, education, our deficit, foreign policy, or partisanship issues, it is evident that in order for us to move forward in 2014 we must work together.

We must continue to forge a bipartisan consensus to tackle our most pressing national security concerns. The American Security Project stands ready to continue to carry out this mission throughout this year and for many more to come.


  1. There is a solution, the “Silver Bullet” the President is looking for, that improves the economy, helps the environment, provides national security, and does not add GHG nor radioactive problems while it meets the needs of the US and the world.

    A major base load energy generator, 35 GW. It is RF Acceleroator Driven Heavy Ion Fusion.

    You never heard of it, right … most people have not, but it was developed by DOD in our National Labs in the mid 1970′s. It could not be a weapon, so it was set aside. It is a hugh energy source, just what we need today.

    This is a solution for the security concern of the US. You should be promoting RFADHIF!

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